What Is a Relationship? Problems of Dating in 2019

What Is a Relationship? Problems of Dating in 2019

What is a relationship? It is about an intimate connection between two people, who like each other and want to be together. Relationships between guys and girls are so complicated in the modern world. Often, people do not understand what is happening in front of their eyes, they are looking for instant gratification because there is no patience. Demands are growing. Instead of just chatting in russian girls video chat and meeting someone with whom they can feel good, people demand something from each other. They have very few chances because it is impossible to build relationships with women for marriage on egoism and demands.

How the 21st Century Is Different from Others

Nowadays, marriages “once and for all life” are becoming less and less common, and the number of divorces increases. Not only men but also women are in no hurry to get married. In general, modern women choose new models of relationships for themselves.

In the 21st century, you can watch the image of a rebel woman: she fights against patriarchal attitudes in personal relationships, thinks about herself and her interests, defends her rights, including sexual autonomy. A few decades ago, it was difficult to imagine a plot, legitimizing the female “right to enter a love affair,” while male adultery was treated, if not loyally, then at least condescendingly, declaring that the craving for new sexual experiences was only “male” trait and need.

“Partnership” model is now crowding out patriarchal families as well as the format of “trophy” unions.

Today, equality is considered the most acceptable model of relationships and one of the new relationship rules. There are many examples of self-sufficient and financially independent women who build a respectful dialogue with their partners and demand the same from them. Household chores are distributed equally, there is no division into “male” and “female” duties: everything is done in a way that is convenient and comfortable for both, and all problems are discussed honestly and openly.

Dating Trends in 2019-2020

Every year you can watch the appearance of new dating trends, owing to some changes in society and perception of relationship culture in general. Nowadays, people are given a huge number of options on how to attract people as well as how to find a better partner. The choice is not limited, so people behave whatever they want, not thinking much about the feelings and experiences of others. Many of them prefer low key relationships, even not knowing a low key relationship meaning.

·        Fleabagging 

You know what you want, you have realized what character traits your potential partner should possess. Maybe you have already got through unsuccessful relationships and made some conclusions. Even though you have done all that, you continue to choose the wrong people for you. In other words, you keep dating the wrong people for you. According to statistics, women do that much oftener.

·        Dial Toning

It resembles ghosting in some way, but it takes place before the beginning of a relationship. You have met a person who is interested in you, but you don’t feel the attraction. However, you give them your phone number, knowing in advance that you will neither take their call or text back. 

·        Cause-playing 

You have broken up with your partner for some reason and don’t have any excuse (for example, joint children) to get back in touch with them. However, you do that, asking for a favor. For example, drive you to the airport or vote for you in a pageant.

·        Eclipsing

This word describes the situation when a person enters a relationship and completely dissolves in the partner, emulating their habits and interests. For example, a girl starts watching football and listening to rap even though she likes pop music and has never been interested in this game.  

·        Exoskeleton-ing

Almost everyone who had more than several relationships in the past can tell a story about their not adequate ex. Nowadays, when every other use a social network, everything becomes a bit complicated. So, this is a situation when your partner’s ex tries to contact you or starts following your Instagram profile, putting likes under your pics and watching stories.

How 2019 influenced unconventional relationships

Today, people are looking for ways not to give up their ideas of comprehensive happiness. They are trying to invent a partnership format that would combine the desire for sedentary and craving for new emotions and sensations. It applies both to traditional and unconventional relationships. And talking about the latter one, it is possible to say that many people have become more open about them. Of course, public acceptance of such relationships leaves much to be desired, but this year, a long silence has been broken, and people have stopped being that ashamed of their intimate preferences as well as poly relationship rules.

How to Attract People in 2020

You might have also met people who attract others to themselves. Their company is always welcome, they are active, successful and able to fascinate almost anyone with their charisma. People believe that a person is born that way. However, you can learn how to attract people to you.

1. Develop your emotional intelligence

How to attract good people? The ability to feel people on an intuitive level is what constitutes the concept of emotional intelligence. To develop it, first, it is necessary to learn to understand your own emotions. How to attract people to you? Start watching your reactions and responses to the emotions of others consciously.

2. Get into the spirit of positive vibes

People like those who are satisfied with life and are always in a good mood. In any case, it seems so. If optimism is not your forte, it is time to change that. To develop charisma, you need to change the way you look at the world. Start small: try to consciously notice joyful moments.

3. Develop clear speech

If you want to attract the attention of people, you should be not indifferent to how you talk to them. If you are shy, look for courses in oratory or stage speech. It’s one of the new rules of attraction.

4. Don’t justify yourself without a reason

This is especially true for people who are not self-confident. They tend to apologize for every action. So, you should work on your self-esteem on your own or with the help of a psychologist. Consciously try to exclude apologetic intonations from your speech.

5. Act spontaneously

Do you ask yourself, “What kind of people do I attract?” Charismatic people are attractive because they are able to instantly respond to familiar situations in an unusual way. It looks very original and testifies to the developed creative thinking. 

Ways to Attract People

As they say, “Everyone wants to have a friend, but not everyone wants to be them.” Modern society has turned into a consumer one since egoism is present in all aspects of our lives, and this very society lives in self-deception. Everyone wants to find a friend and a partner who will meet some requirements, but nobody wants to be one. There are many ways that can help you attract people and become the best version of yourself.

Body language. It’s one of your main weapons that can say a lot to the interlocutor. So, if you want to attract them, try to get them on your side with the help of body language.

Good sense of humor. According to statistics, 87% of people consider it one of the most attractive traits. It will help you break the tension and serve as an icebreaker.

Be selfless. Nowadays, people try to get the most out of any situation and struggle for benefits only. However, they don’t attract good people but get a bad reputation. It’s one of the rules of being in a relationship too.

Be a warm person. The above-mentioned steps will help you develop your empathy and emotional intelligence that play a crucial role in attracting people.

Be mannered. Good manners are your key to success in every sphere of life. They can be developed, so if you cannot call you a mannered person, you can work on that.

Things change too quickly, and people don’t always manage to adjust themselves to these changes. And since relationships are a big and very important part of everyone’s life, they affect almost all other spheres. So, to succeed in life, you should try to deal with your relationship issues first.

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