How to Start a Personal Blog

How to Start a Personal Blog

Blogging has long become mainstream, and it is widely recognized as an effective online tool for disseminating useful information and just for fun. That’s why many people dream about starting a personal blog and making it readable and popular. Although it should be recognized, not everyone has achieved success in this area. And not every blogger starts a personal blog with the intention of becoming the best in this field, but all blog owners want their creations to attract readers. What should you think about when you want to make a personal blog? What is a blog and how to start one?

Why Do People Start Blogs? 

The blogging offers tremendous opportunities both for expressing oneself and making money on the network. People who need the recognition of others and the attention of the public, for example, if they have not been personally recognized, seek to make a private blog for self-expression. Others perceive blogging only as a way of making money. When a blog becomes popular, there are many who want to place their ads in it. An interesting thematic blog will sooner or later get a sponsor who wants to make money on such a popular information resource by placing frontal advertising. In this case, a personal blog can become a source of constant profit. However, the answer to the question, “Why do people start a blog” is limited only by the user’s imagination.

Topic Ideas for Personal Blog

People are constantly in search of information: they turn to Google for help when they face dating a single mom problems, follow the posts of famous bloggers, scroll through Instagram feeds. If you have accumulated a lot of stories that will be useful to the audience, or you just want to learn how to write interestingly, start with creating a personal blog. What topics can be used to make the blog attractive, raise your rating and quickly attract readers?

·        Healthy eating and sports

If you are fond of fitness, workouts or yoga, and you are aware of the healthy nutrition and are good at combining these areas, then you can try to achieve success by developing the theme of sports and health in your blog. In addition, this topic can be combined in different formats: motivational articles, different reviews with illustrations and video training.

·        Financial literacy

Regardless of whether you are talking about running a household or your own business, you need to understand how to regulate your income and expenses. If you have the skills and the desire to help people cope with financial difficulties, consider blogging about savings and finances.

·        Traveling

You can become a travel blogger and get your share of attention if you learn how to create high-quality posts based on personal experience. This applies not only to vivid live photos but also to useful, interesting textual design. If you want to share interesting information about traveling, then you should think about how to start a blog.

·        Beauty and care

Beauty tips are one of the topics that will never lose its popularity. The creator of a beauty blog can be not only a professional makeup artist or beauty editor. You can test cosmetics, describing your feelings and the results of its use, or share recipes for homemade natural cosmetics.

·        Cuisine and recipes 

Food blogs attract many people who are interested in recipes, ingredients, gourmet dishes, and fun food stories. Many food bloggers begin their careers with food reviews at local cafes and restaurants. However, their interests and target audience have grown with a noticeable increase in popularity. It’s great blogging for beginners. 

Does It Bring Money?

If you ask yourself, “Should I start a personal blog?” then it is very likely that you are reflecting on whether it is possible to make money on it. Of course, it can bring you money, and there are even certain income-generating options: from affiliate marketing to sponsorship posts. However, at the same time, posting good content does not necessarily guarantee monetary compensation. There are many external factors: for example, SEO, subscriptions, and traffic. Therefore, earning money by blogging is something completely different than a traditional career. This is something that can be successfully developed over time, using many opportunities. However, people do not always dive into the world of blogging with the main goal of gaining recognition and extra money, although this is still an incentive to continue working. So, if you want your blog to bring money, you will have to work on it hard.

Which Platform Is Best to Use?

It’s unimportant what you are doing now because having a blog will always help not only promote your own business but also make money or express yourself even if you are an ordinary mid-level manager. But you must constantly create content that will demonstrate your personal qualities, talents, and abilities. However, the first thing to do is to choose the platform on which you will work.

  1. Instagram

If earlier Instagram was considered only a social network for posting pics, then nowadays it has become a popular platform for blogging. It simplifies the way of increasing your popularity and attracting the audience. If you are not going to write extremely long texts, then it can become a wonderful option.

  • Twitter

It is not as popular as Instagram, but it still can help increase your audience if you are good at short catchy phrases. It can become a good additional way to promote yourself around the world if you know some tricks on using correct hashtags.

  • Tumblr

It is both a social network and a blogging platform. This is exactly what modern youth likes. It is convenient, beautiful, and allows to post gifs and emoticons. There are many functions as in ordinary social networks, for example, adding materials to bookmarks and reposts.

  • Medium

It is a convenient platform for publishing notes and great materials that has been created by Twitter co-founders. You can get a great opportunity to get additional traffic or just share your thoughts and receive feedback from like-minded people.

  • Blogger 

The platform allows you to create a blog on the third-level subdomain It is easy to use, so every user can create a blog in minutes. In addition, it has additional advantages in the form of reliability and security from Google, which has owned the service since 2003.

How to Start Personal Blog

People who don’t know the answer to the question, “What is a personal blog?” believe that this process is very easy and funny. However, things are a bit different. If you are interested in how to create a personal blog and make it successful, you need to conduct a considerable amount of research. Here are 5 main tips on how to start a personal blog.

  • Decide on the topic

Before you start creating a blog, you need to think about what you will talk about. Do you adhere to the principle of zero-waste? Are you good at the real estate market? Your hobby or even the “smart home” system can become the center of attention.

  • Create the name

The name of your blog should be short and memorable as well as hint at its content. Write down several variants of the name and ask the opinion of different people. Write a few words about your blog and its advantages.

  • Write a content plan

The plan will help save time and spend on blogging no more than a few hours a week. Put down the dates of the creation of materials and the dates of publication, so you can prepare photo material and description in advance.

  • Decide on media material

To maintain the attention of subscribers, you need to change the type of publication. Alternate long reads, short notes, video recommendations, photos, and animations. Use different technologies for presenting information and consider how they will look in the layout of the blog.

  • Chat

Subscribe to people, companies and other bloggers who may be interested in your content. Feel free to like and comment, let everyone remember your name. Look for other blogs in your niche or in your area of residence to work together.

Social media has a huge impact on how we consume information. Therefore, activity and competence in terms of working on social platforms is a keyway for bloggers to increase their influence. Any interaction with people outside your circle is a way to expand your audience.

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