Common Places to Meet Ukrainian Girls in 2022

Common Places to Meet Ukrainian Girls in 2022

So you decided to try dating a Ukrainian girl. What should you start with? Obviously, your first goal is to meet a good match. The problem is where to actually search for this woman if you don’t live in Ukraine. Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think. You basically have two main options – go to certain places or use the Internet – try to use bebemur. Let’s uncover more details right now with our experts from Mariya dating club!

In your country

Sometimes, we don’t even have to go far from home in search of true love. All we need to do is to look around us carefully and discover new opportunities. Surprisingly, perfect Ukrainian candidates may live just nearby you. The recipe for success is pretty simple: define what you want, open your eyes and follow your heart!

Immigrant areas

If you live in a large city, it is not a big deal for you to meet a beautiful Ukrainian girl. Just know where to look for her. Major Western European, Canadian, and American cities have areas inhabited by Slavic immigrants and Ukrainians in particular. Take a trip to those places and keep an eye on the local female population. When you see a nice girl who is likely single, don’t hesitate to approach her. Eastern women like initiative guys.


If there are no Ukrainians in your area, the easiest way to meet Ukrainian ladies is to use reliable online dating services. Our modern life is unimaginable without gadgets and social networks so the Internet becomes one of the core places where you can find a prospective lover. To facilitate the search, you can install location-based apps. Be sure, you will access thousands of women profiles corresponding to your unique preferences.


Not always you can find a girl of your dreams via the Internet or in your native city. Therefore, we suggest you try one more solution – go to countries where the majority of Ukrainians live. Those are, obviously, Ukraine and the nearby states (like Poland, Russia, and Belorussia). Most probably, you will meet someone special in big cities. On the other hand, potential dates usually don’t just wander around you. They tend to gather in places of a particular type – and we listed them below.

Coffee shops

People all over the world love visiting coffeehouses. This can be a great venue for killing a free time, having a date or a business meeting. Single Ukrainian women typically go there in the company of female friends to chat and relax. Contacting a group of girls is challenging, but don’t be shy if you really like one of them. Besides, a girl sitting at her table alone isn’t obligatory waiting for her boyfriend so you may approach her as well.


Outdoor events

To meet a wonderful lady in the street, we recommend checking out spots like fairs, exhibitions, concerts, or festivals. Ukrainian girls love hanging out there with friends. This approach has many advantages. First, you may visit an awesome event together with your own buddies. Second, there is a chance to meet a girl sharing your interests. And finally, you won’t have problems with choosing a conversation topic.

Clubs and bars

Music, lighting, and dancing create a marvelous atmosphere. No wonder those locations attract hundreds of beautiful young women. Here, you can freely talk to any lady you like, touch her hands and offer her a drink. Take an adventure – what if she is exactly what you want?

Shopping malls

Women adore going shopping, it’s known. Especially Ukrainian women do – they are deeply concerned about their appearance. Yet their interests aren’t restricted to clothes and cosmetics only. You may also find a pretty lady at a bookstore or a geek shop. Strictly speaking, even a supermarket on the ground floor of the mall can become a place where you meet a girlfriend-to-be.

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